Three Benefits Multifunction Teller Devices Can Bring to Branches

Banks play a crucial role in the financial system, serving millions of customers every day. The demands of customers are constantly evolving and they have come to expect more personalized and seamless experiences both in person and online. It is necessary for financial institutions to continuously adapt to new technologies and trends such as hyper-personalization, proactive engagement, support for digitalization, remote service, and more in order to stay ahead of the curve. 

One of the most significant changes for branches has been the introduction of multifunction teller devices. Like a Swiss Army knife for banking, a multifunction teller device coupled with third-party software offers various functionalities, such as check and ID scanning, account access via magnetic strip reader (MSR) and receipt printing, into one compact unit. 

In a world where technology is rapidly changing, it is critical for financial institutions to integrate new solutions to remain relevant and competitive. Multifunction teller devices offer a multitude of benefits, making them an indispensable tool for branches looking to provide top-notch customer service. Three benefits that multifunction teller devices can bring to branches include:

Improved Efficiency

Most teller windows have limited space and trying to fit a number of different devices, such as a check scanner, teller printer and ID scanner on a station can be a challenge. A versatile multifunction teller device minimizes the footprint of having multiple devices and can significantly improve the efficiency of banking operations while taking up minimal counter space. By eliminating the need for tellers to switch between multiple systems it can reduce the time it takes to complete transactions, making the transaction process faster and smoother for customers.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Multifunction teller devices can improve customer satisfaction by providing a more convenient and seamless banking experience. Leveraging multifunction teller devices, tellers are able to help customers carry out a wide range of tasks in one place, reducing the time they spend waiting in line or visiting multiple windows. Additionally, multifunction teller devices often offer advanced features such as check imaging and ID verification, which can be key to reducing fraud.

Minimized Downtime

Multifunction teller devices with an easy-to-use LCD user interface screen can help improve bank teller productivity, minimize downtime and increase overall customer satisfaction. If an issue arises, an LCD screen that displays the multifunction teller device’s functional and maintenance status can notify the teller of the specific issue that needs to be addressed. The teller can then quickly resolve the issue and continue with business as usual. 

Multifunction teller devices offer a range of benefits to banks and credit unions. Choosing the right hardware that is easy-to-use and offers a variety of features can help banks futureproof their business and reduce their operating costs by streamlining operations, reducing the time for onboarding and minimizing the need for additional specialized equipment and software. These benefits make multifunction teller devices an essential tool for branches looking to stay ahead of the curve and provide excellent customer service today and well into the future.

About Author:
Rahn Rampton is a product manager for Epson America, driving product strategy and launches for Epson’s Financial Services solutions.

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