Salt Lake City, Utah – Despite the challenges of a global pandemic, Prodigy, a leading core data processing and cloud infrastructure CUSO, saw increased demand for its products and services throughout 2020 and 2021. As a result, the CUSO has increased staffing by 44%. To accommodate this increased activity, Prodigy also promoted five individuals internally and created three new departments. Perhaps most important of all, because of all this effort and investment, the CUSO doubled its core conversion capacity.

“On the technology side of things, credit unions are realizing that a 30 or 40 year old core system just doesn’t cut it anymore,” said Prodigy CEO Amber Harsin. “Modern architecture is critical for continued relevance  in our digital-first environment.” However, she added that better technology is only part of Prodigy’s appeal.

“More credit unions are paying closer attention to who they’re partnering with,” she said. “Do they want to be a microscopic organism in a big pond of corporate greed or do they want a true owner’s say in their technological destiny? More credit unions than ever are choosing the latter, which is why tech CUSOs are doing so well across the board.”

Harsin personally welcomes inquiries from credit unions of all size that share in the vision of innovation through collaboration and have a strong desire to strengthen the credit union movement.

About Prodigy
Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Prodigy is a fintech credit union service organization (CUSO) created to build financial solutions that enable the mobile credit union member through more efficient and cost-effective cloud-based solutions. The CUSO offers its own modern, cloud-based core processing platform, as well as core-agnostic cloud-based IT infrastructure services. Additional information is available at

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