Moline, IL, July 17, 2020 — Vibrant Credit Union is excited to announce that in 2021 they will be relocating their  headquarters to 6600 44th Avenue Moline, IL. The move won’t be far, heading just four miles east of their current  location, but will have a massive impact on the organization’s future.

“With the rapid growth we have experienced, we have significantly outgrown our current location”, said Matt McCombs, President/CEO of Vibrant Credit Union. “We are excited at the opportunity to reinvest back into our community by repurposing an abandoned building into our new corporate headquarters.”

With over 134,000-square feet at their disposal, the building will be partially built out upon inception with plans to expand as needed. Outside of the sheer size, the one-level floor design was a significant factor in the company’s decision to move forward. By making everyone accessible on the same floor, Vibrant deviates from the traditional top-down hierarchy most corporations use. Instead, Vibrant intends to operate with a flat structure that further promotes collaboration, connection, and innovation for all. Ultimately, empowering and encouraging employees no matter their management level.

Serving the Quad Cities since 1935, the move is part of Vibrant’s long-term growth strategy. “Our commitment has always been to best serve the needs of our members, our community, and our employees,” said McCombs.

Contractors were hired through the Illowa Construction and Management Council, a non-profit that connects businesses to local contractors. Vibrant will only be using local businesses to complete the construction. The agreement’s goal is to foster cooperative relationships while maximizing benefits to the local economy and its citizens.

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